Some More AB Figures Napoleonics For You...

Some More AB Figures Napoleonics For You...

Just a few items that have been awaiting release. Pavlov Fusiliers for the 1812 - 15 Russian range, 1813 Prussian Horse artillery mounted, Westphalian Light Horse and the much-anticipated Saxon Chevauxleger lancers.

Hopefully these will tide you AB Napoleonic fans over for a month or so because the next release won’t be more Napoleonics ... or WW2!


Russian 1812 -15

  • R40 Pavlov Fusiliers
  • R41 Pavlov Fusilier drummer

Saxony 1810- 14

  • SAXC13 Saxon chevauxleger lancers

Prussian 1813 - 15

  • PR72 Horse artillery mounted

Confederation of the Rhine 1812 - 15

  • CORC08 Westphalian Light Horse trooper
  • CORC09 Westphalian Light Horse Officer
  • CORC10 Westphalian Light Horse trumpeter




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