French - Napoleonic

The Bardin Regulation uniform was introduced at the beginning of 1812 with its distinctive short tailed jacket and ‘plastron’ lapels which extended to the waist, covering the previously exposed waist coat. The issuing of the new uniform was inevitably subject to delays and many battalions were still wearing the old uniform when they marched off to Russia later that year, but the Bardin uniform prevailed among the reformed regiments of 1813, and was universally worn by 1814.

Our range should therefore interest anyone contemplating battles such as Leipzig, Dresden, or especially Waterloo, and are designed to be compatible in size (18mm) and style with the splendid AB Figures 18mm Napoleonic range.

These figures will of course go beautifully with our existing range of post 1812 Napoleonic British infantry, wearing the distinctive Belgic shako.

 - sculpted by Alan Marsh