Corpse and Musket

May 1821 a plan near thirty years in the making swings finally into action.

The Emperor's body is spirited awar from its resting place in St Helena and transported north to the birthplace of voodoo, the island of Haiti.

A loyal cadre of French officers believe they are resurrecting Napoleon to once again lead them into battle. But the high priest of darkness with who they entered into this ill-considered pact is scheming his own revenge against the Emperor who enslaved Hispaniola and denied the revolution. Former Revolutionary soldiers sent to Haiti under General Victor Emmanuel Leclerc to suppress freedom are now resurrected to fight against their former comrades and the whole of Europe.

Napoleon himself is now undead but held in thrall to the command of Baron Samedi and his representatives on Earth. The armies once commanded by men are now conquering in the name of Obeah. Citizens of Europe and indeed the globe, beware!