Italians - 15mm

Designed to fit in with other 15mm ranges of World War Two miniatures, our Bersaglieri and Folgore paratroopers include the figure types and support weapons required for all the current popular wargames systems.

The Folgore are depicted in the Italian paratrooper uniform introduced in 1942, with their German style para smocks, helmets, and distinctive waistcoats containing integral pouches (both front and back) for storing submachine-gun magazines. The majority are armed with the Beretta M38A SMG but we’ve included some rifle armed paratroopers for variety. You can also liberally sprinkle your Folgore units with German Panzerfausts and Molotov Cocktails. The Molotov was a popular improvised anti-tank weapon for the Italians, and later the Germans ensured that Repubblica Sociale Italiana units loyal to the Fascist cause were well supplied with Panzerfausts.

The Bersaglieri, in their famous cockerel plume helmets, provided the various Italian ‘Mobile’ (Celere), Armoured and Motorised Divisions with their mobile infantry components. Our Bersaglieri are intended for North African campaigns, and are wearing tropical kit with appropriate pith helmet.

 - sculpted by Mike Broadbent.