New Year - New Rules.

New Year - New Rules.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers, especially our friends still in the EU - as we're sure you are aware Brexit came into full effect on 1st January 2021 so some things needed to change:

1) Firstly the good news (for you), you will no longer pay UK VAT so your purchases will be 20% cheaper in our webstore - items still appear at full price including VAT on the product pages as that is UK law, you will currently only see the reduced price at checkout.

2) Secondly (the bad news?), you will now be required to pay local tax rates instead plus any admin charges applied by your postal/courier service before receiving your shipment.

3) Other non-UK customers will also now benefit from these ex-VAT prices if you choose to purchase from Eureka Miniatures UK.

 - Nick & Donna

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