28mm Imperial Japanese Army WWII

With a military culture imbued with the ideals of personal sacrifice, Japanese troops were relentless in the attack and absolutely dogged in defence. Combined with the rugged terrain that Australian troops faced them over, fighting against the Japanese military was some of the bloodiest combat in all the war.

Famous for enduring extreme privation of supply and with strong fieldcraft and camouflage skills, these troops resisted the Allied re-taking of Japan's Pacific conquests every step of the way.

As with our 15mm range of WW2 Japanese, there are variations of headgear for the basic troop types to ensure that your Japanese force has a diverse amount of poses and lots of different support options to use against the enemy.

This is the first of two waves of releases that we have in store for the Japanese with more support options and variations of headgear to come.

Sculpted in 28mm by Kosta Heristanidis, these figures are perfect opponents for our Australians and PNG Rifles and can also be used elsewhere in the Pacific theatre during the Second World War.

28mm Japanese WWII
100WWT100 Japanese rifleman, helmet
100WWT100h Japanese rifleman, skrim helmet
100WWT101 LMG team, helmet – 2 figs
100WWT101h LMG team, skrim helmet – 2 figs
100WWT102 Japanese Officer helmet
100WWT102h Japanese Officer skrim helmet
100WWT103h Japanese with lunge mine, skrim helmet
100WWT103k Japanese with lunge mine, kepi
100WWT104h Japanese with anti-tank grenade, skrim helmet
100WWT105 Japanese HMG w/three crew, helmet
100WWT106 Japanese NCO, helmet
100WWT106h Japanese NCO, skrim helmet
100WWT107 Japanese sniper
100WWT108 Japanese bugler, kepi
100WWT109 Japanese standard bearer, helmet
100WWT110 Japanese knee mortar firing, skrim helmet
100WWT111 Japanese knee mortar advancing, helmet
100WWT112h Japanese with flame thrower, skrim helmet
100WWT113 Japanese A/T man with hand held mine

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