18mm English Civil War 1642 - 1651

The English Civil War, or rather Civil Wars, were fought between the years 1642 and 1651. During those nine dreadful years the British Isles were literally rent asunder, and from the destruction, a new order was born. It was an age of religious and political upheavals that led to the King, Charles I, losing both his throne and his head.

It was also the age of pike and shot warfare. This is what makes the period such a perennial favourite among wargamers. The units were both distinctive and colourful and the dash and desperation make for very interesting tabletop battles and skirmishes.

We will be making foot, horse and artillery to cover both Parliament and the forces of the King as well as the Scots who played such a vital role in the Royalist defeat at York. We intend that this range will be definitive starting with our first releases of Scots and English foot. We will follow these authentically posed figures with both medium and heavy Cavalry, Dragoons, and finally a range of artillery and crew.

If the range is well received, we will then add speciality figures such as personalities, Highlanders and baggage units. We are very much looking forward to bringing these figures to your tables and hope you enjoy gaming with them as much as we have enjoyed their creation.

As you see can from the B+W images, we supply the figures without pikes. This is a perennial question for manufacturers, to cast with or without pikes. We chose not to cast them.

Research carried out by our UK agent, Nick Simmerson brought up these two links:


Both show how to use plastic broom bristles to make wonderful pikes. The painted images we show here use them and we have made them for our own armies.

Parliament or Royalist
300ECW001 Pike upright, unarmoured
300ECW002 Pike forward, unarmoured
300ECW003 Pike level, unarmoured
300ECW004 Pike receiving, unarmoured
300ECW009 Shotte, at ready/loading
300ECW010 Shotte, standing firing
300ECW011 Shotte, kneeling firing
300ECW012 Shotte, advancing reverse musket

Scots Army of the Covenant
300ECW201 Pike upright, unarmoured
300ECW202 Pike forward, unarmoured
300ECW203 Pike level, unarmoured
300ECW204 Pike receiving, unarmoured
300ECW209 Shotte, at ready/loading
300ECW210 Shotte, standing firing
300ECW211 Shotte, kneeling firing
300ECW212 Shotte, advancing reverse musket

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