28mm WW2 Chinese Release

28mm WW2 Chinese Release

After a successful 100 Club launch and campaign, Eureka miniatures are proud to announce the broader release of our new 28mm WW2 Chinese. This entire range was sculpted by Kosta Heristanidis and matches perfectly with our WW2 Japanese also sculpted by Kosta.

An often-overlooked theatre, China was the first of the allied nations to enter what would become the Second World War. Frequently mistakenly dismissed as a minor front, the war in China was long, gruelling, and brutal, taking the lives of some 20 million Chinese. It was characterised by large-scale battles, constant guerrilla action, shaky alliances, and unthinkable atrocities.

Our WW2 Chinese have been sculpted in the more common field cap worn by Chinese forces from the time, as well as German helmets which were also supplied to select “elite” units.

The range can be used to appropriately represent many of the different Chinese factions that were active during the war, including Nationalist, Communist, some warlord, and some Japanese collaborationist forces (such as the armed forces of the Reorganized National Government of the Republic of China). They can also be used to represent some of the Chinese forces in Burma such as elements of the Chinese Expeditionary Force and X or Y Force.

Chinese guerrillas in civilian attire appropriate for the period will be added to this range.

We recommend using some of the Artillery pieces from our WW1 range to go with the Chinese Crew - these can be found here: World War I Artillery

We’d like to mention a special thank you to Jon Hogg for initially suggesting the range and for providing the bulk of the information required to make producing these figures possible.

100WWT200 Chinese Rifleman
100WWT200a Chinese Rifleman – German helmet
100WWT201 Chinese LMG Team (2 figs)
100WWT201a Chinese LMG Team – German helmet (2 figs)
100WWT202 Chinese Rifleman with grenade discharger
100WWT202a Chinese Rifleman w/grenade discharger – German helmet
100WWT203 Chinese infantry with SMG
100WWT203a Chinese infantry with SMG – German Helmet
100WWT204 Chinese Officer
100WWT204a Chinese Officer in German helmet
100WWT205 Chinese NCO
100WWT205a Chinese NCO in German helmet
100WWT206 Chinese HMG and three crew
100WWT207 Chinese Mortar and three crew
100WWT208 Chinese anti-tank suicide men
100WWT209 Chinese Artillery crew 

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