28mm Medieval Feast

As we approach the Yuletide season, it is time to start planning for the ubiquitous Christmas meal (and the inevitable viewing of "The Great Escape" on TV).

While we make these plans, let us also consider the traditional Medieval Feast that could be associated with a variety of ecclesiastical dates, such as Christmas, Easter or Pentecost. These banquets, typically hosted by wealthy landowners and aristocracy, would also be held for a variety of important dates and ceremonies - Funerals, coming of age for daughters, the knighting of a son, the feast day of a patron saint, or even a jousting tournament.

Banquet guests would typically be close friends and family of a Lord or Lady of the Manor - but they could also be patrons or even lowly workers in the Manor, elevated in status to dine at the table because of the special day itself.

A table would be laden with a variety of mouthwatering dishes to impress guests. This would include Peacock, Boar head, Brawn (preserved cuts of dark meat in a gelatine), pies (rabbit, fish and eel), and wine/ale/peer (pear cider) to quench the thirst.

Alan Marsh has worked hard to recreate the festival atmosphere of the Medieval banquet with an amazing array of foods and wines to decorate the table, alongside a diverse group of guests who sit at the table - from the Lord and Lady of the manor, to the servants providing drink and food, to the sly cutpurse lurking to the side of one overfull patron.

Of course, what would a Medieval Banquet be without the accompanying band to entertain the guests with the sounds of lute, horn and drum!

As a Christmas special we are offering a complete Feast and a complete Medieval Band for a very tasty £77.50.

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100CIV64 Medieval Feast: 18 figures, six benches, three tables and food - £60.00
100CIV64A Additional six benches and three tables (MDF) - £10.60
100CIV64B Additional four benches and table (metal) - £17.65
100CIVS06 Christmas Special: The complete Medieval Feast and Band - 30 figures, plus MDF tables, benches and metal food - £77.50

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