15mm Italian Askari

Mussolini’s army in Italian East Africa included native Eritrean and Somali ‘Askari’ troops under the command of Italian officers. Originally only infantry, they subsequently included cavalry, light mountain artillery, and camel-mounted troops. Askari fought in a number of conflicts, most notably the Italian-Turkish War, Second Italo-Abyssinian War and, until the Italian surrender in 1941, in the East African Campaign during WWII.

Eritrean regiments wore tall red fezzes sporting coloured tufts and waist sashes that varied specific to each unit. The field uniform was khaki with the Somali Askari being similarly dressed except for knee-length shorts.

300WWT250 Italian Askari in fez w/rifle
300WWT251 Italian Askari in fez LMG- 2 fig set
300WWT251A Italian Askari in fez LMG- advancing

300WWT252 Italian Askari in fez HMG - 2 fig set
300WWT253 Italian Askari Officer
300WWT254 Italian Askari NCO in fez
300WWT255 Italian Askari in fez with Mortar - 2 fig set
300WWT256 Italian Askari light gun crew in fez
300WWT257 Italian Askari artillery observer

300WWT258 Italian Askari Cavalry in fez w/rifle, sabre and lance
300WWT259 Italian Askari Cavalry in fez w/rifle, sabre
300WWT260 Italian Askari Cavalry Officer
300WWT261 Italian Askari Cavalry NCO in fez
300WWT262 Italian Askari Cavalry in fez, dismounted
300WWT263 Italian Askari Cavalry NCO in fez, dismounted

300WWT264 Somali dubat in turban with rifle
300WWT265 Somali dubat in turban LMG - 2 fig set
300WWT266 Somali dubat in turban HMG - 2 fig set
300WWT267 Somali dubat in turban NCO

300WWT268 Italian Askari head in bustina –four heads

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