Ur Army Deal (15mm)
Eureka Miniatures UK
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Product Code: 300SUMSP
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90 figures and 4 carts to cover everything needed for three DBA list and the core of an ADLG army.

14 x 300SUM01 Pikeman
14 x 300SUM02 Pikeman, with cloak
32 x 300SUM05 Archers
4 x 300SUM06 Slingers
10 x 300SUM07 Javelinman
7 x 300SUM08 Lullubi, javelinman
4x 300SUM09 Akkadian archers
1 x 300SUM10 Officer
1 x 300SUM11 Standard bearer
1 x 300SUM12 Guardsman with spear (alternatively 300SUM13 Guardsman with axe)
1 x 300SUM14 King
2 x 300SUM15 Battlecart – 2 figures, 4 onagers and cart
2 x 300SUM16 Stradlecart – driver, 2 onagers and cart
1 x 300SUM17 Beer drinker and vessel