18mm ECW Cavalry & Artillery

18mm ECW Cavalry & Artillery

Hot on the red-painted heels of our English Civil Wars foot come the Horse. To follow the march of our popular 18mm English and Scots infantry, we have dispatched both medium and heavy cavalry to the field. In a dazzling and somewhat expansive* mass-release comes a large number of variants and types giving our valued customers all they need to reproduce the look and feel of this period. Harquebusiers in both pots and soft hats and Cuirassiers in a variety of styles, armed with swords, pistols and pole axes. Each type comes in both ‘at rest’ and ‘charging’ positions and can be used to represent everything from Prince Rupert’s gentlemen of horse to Cromwell’s feared Ironsides.

Scots to follow!

We have also released some much-anticipated artillery. Three guns, a cannon, a culverin, and a saker are now available, along with standing and firing artillerymen. During this period orders for guns specified calibre, weight and length, but left the rest up to the discretion of the gunfounder, designs being distinctive to the foundry.

We’ve not forgotten you lovers of the noble art of siegework either. We have a petard crew and some dismounted cavalrymen to help in the breech. If that’s not enough, we have some familiar personalities to help personalise your tabletop engagements.

* So much so that we've had to rearrange the catalogue to fit them in. We've moved Infantry into their own folder and added in folders for Cavalry, Artillery, and Personalities.

Click here for a link to the Parliamentarians and Royalists section.

300ECW030 Harquebusier in helmet w/sword at rest
300ECW031 Harquebusier in helmet w/sword charging
300ECW032 Harquebusier in helmet w/pistol at rest
300ECW033 Harquebusier in helmet w/pistol in action
300ECW034 Harquebusier in helmet w/poleaxe at rest
300ECW035 Harquebusier in helmet w/poleaxe charging
300ECW036 Harquebusier in hat w/sword at rest
300ECW037 Harquebusier in hat w/sword charging
300ECW038 Harquebusier in hat w/pistol at rest
300ECW039 Harquebusier in hat w/pistol in action
300ECW040 Harquebusier in hat w/poleaxe at rest
300ECW041 Harquebusier in hat w/poleaxe charging

300ECW042 Harquebusier officer at rest
300ECW043 Harquebusier officer charging
300ECW044 Harquebusier cornet
300ECW045 Harquebusier trumpeter
300ECW046 Harquebusier on foot, carbine
300ECW047 Harquebusier on foot, sword drawn
300ECW050 Cuirassier w/sword at rest
300ECW051 Cuirassier w/sword charging
300ECW052 Cuirassier w/poleaxe at rest
300ECW053 Cuirassier w/poleaxe charging
300ECW054 Cuirassier w/pistol
300ECW056 Cuirassier cornet

300ECW080 Artillery Crew Firing
300ECW081 Artillery Crew Loading
300ECW082 Culverin
300ECW083 Saker
300ECW084 Cannon
300ECW086 Petard and crew

100ECW100 Astley, on foot
100ECW101 Cromwell, mounted
100ECW102 Charles, mounted
100ECW103 Prince Rupert and Boy
100ECW104 Thomas Fairfax, mounted


 - Nick

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