28mm Warring States Chinese

The Warring States period (approx. 475BC to 220BC) was primarily focused on the internecine conflicts between seven major Kingdoms or States.

Qin (or Chin) was located in the far west. In the central plains were three successor states of; Jin–Han, Wei and Zhao. In the north east was Yan, to the east was Qi (or Ch’i) and to the south was the Chu.

Besides these Seven Kingdoms, there were some 15 other minor states; remnants of the predecessor Zhou Kingdom which came and went over this period. Yue, Ba, Shu, Zhongshan and more. The rulers of these States contended with one another for control over all of China. The ever-changing political and strategic situation compelled them to evolve social, bureaucratic, economic and military organisation to garner an advantage. The military teachings of Sun Tzu and T’ai Kung were studied and implemented by Warring State generals.

Weapon technology shifted from bronze weapons and chariots to new iron armaments and cavalry formations. It was the King of the Qin, Qin Shi Huang, who would best integrate strategy, technology and economic innovation in conquering the other Kingdoms. That he ruled with the absolute iron fist of a tyrant is not disputed. Nevertheless, when he died and was buried with his Terracotta army in 210BC, he was Emperor of all of China.

That same Terracotta army, along with a range of Han era ceramics and statuettes, serves as inspiration for this wonderful collection of John Jenkins sculpted Warring States Chinese military figures.

"When infantry engage in battle with chariots and cavalry, they must rely on hills and mounds, ravines and defiles. The long weapons and strong crossbows should occupy the fore, the short weapons and weak crossbows should occupy the rear, firing and resting in turn. Even if large numbers of the enemy’s chariots and cavalry should arrive, they must maintain a solid formation and fight intensely while skilled soldiers and strong crossbowmen prepare against attacks from the rear."

The Dog Strategy, Tai Kung’s Six Secret Teachings

John Jenkins Designs Chinese Warring States

100CWS001 Armoured Halberdier bare headed
100CWS002 Armoured Halberdier in helmet
100CWS003 Armoured Spearman with shield
100CWS004a Unarmoured Levy with Spear
100CWS004b Unarmoured Levy with Halberd
100CWS005 Unarmoured Levy with Spear and shield
100CWS006 Heavily Armoured Qin Guard
100CWS007 Swordsmen
100CWS008 Peasants

100CWS009 Armoured Crossbow advancing
100CWS010 Armoured Crossbow standing firing
100CWS011 Armoured Crossbow kneeling firing
100CWS012 Unarmoured Crossbow standing firing
100CWS013 Unarmoured Crossbow kneeling firing
100CWS014 Armoured BowmenAUD$3.74
100CWS015 Unarmoured Bowmen

100CWS016 Armoured Officer, advancing
100CWS017 Armoured Officer, holding severed head
100CWS018 Light Armoured officer, spear and shield
100CWS019a Unarmoured Officer, spear
100CWS019b Unarmoured Officer, halberd
100CWS020 Unarmoured Officer, crossbow
100CWS021 Musician with cymbal
100CWS022 Musician with gong
100CWS023 Musician with drum
100CWS024 Musician with horn

100CWS025 Hero with sword
100CWS026 General on foot
100CWS027 King or Regent

100CWS030 Armoured Cavalry with Halberd
100CWS031 Armoured Cavalry with Crossbow
100CWS032 Unarmoured Cavalry with Bow
100CWS033 Armoured Cavalry Officer
100CWS034 Armoured Cavalry Drummer

100CWS040 Qin Command Chariot
100CWS041 Qin War Chariot
100CWS042 Allied Command Chariot
100CWS043 Allied War Chariot
100CWS044 Comfy Chariot

100CWS036 Flag

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