28mm Medieval Musicians

For many years Nic has wanted to have a Medieval band in the Eureka range. A visit to Beverley Minster with Alan a few years ago provided the impetus to start this project.

If you happen to be in the area of Beverley it is well worth stopping to visit. Similar to York, but without the crowds
Beverly Minster

Alan Marsh, a talented musician himself, has thoroughly enjoyed himself with these twelve musicians. Whether they play together or solo we believe they will grace many games and dioramas.

100CIV60 Medieval Band
100CIV61 Medieval Wind: Bagpipes, Curtal, Crumphorn, Cornett.
100CIV62 Medieval Percussion: Drum, Tambourine, Pipe and Tabor, Nakers.
100CIV63 Medieval Strings: Harp, Lute, Cittern, Rebec.

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