28mm Australian Home Guard

Last year we proposed a 100 Club project based on this quaint bit of newsreel (see below) showing the training methods of the Home Guard in our local area. The 100 Club was a big success, all participants have received their figures and we are now able to make the range available to everyone.

Pathe Newsreel - Malvern Volunteer Defence Force

Kosta Heristanidis has done a superb job sculpting these miniatures and even painting up a few of them as you can see here.

Armed with British and homemade weapons and wearing everyday clothes, these Home Guard can be used alongside our current range of WW2 Australians to help ward off invasion by Axis forces, or perhaps mount an uprising against Crown rule?

Also perfect for VBCW or more fictitious encounters against otherworldly entities.

28mm WW2 Australian Militia/Ex-Diggers
100WWT080 Home Guard/Ex-diggers with Rifles
100WWT081 Home Guard/Ex-digger Lewis Gun and Loader
100WWT082 Home Guard/Ex-digger Vickers with two crew
100WWT083 Home Guard/Ex-diggers with beer bottle bombs
100WWT084 Home Guard/Ex-diggers in hessian sack
100WWT085 Home Guard/Ex-digger Officer

The full range can be ordered here:
28mm Australian Home Guard

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