28mm All Animals are Equal

Eureka Miniatures are pleased to bring to your gaming tables and dioramas a menagerie of farmyard animals helping to bring your games to life. We are also releasing some lovely vignettes that would fit in amongst a farmyard or as part of your army’s baggage.

Alan Marsh has made these Belted Galloway cows but they can easily stand in for other “larger” cow breeds. The Galloway breed of cattle are particularly suited to the Northern United Kingdom anywhere from the 18th century to the present. The Belted Galloway was also introduced to Canada in the 1850’s and to the US 30 years later.

We have also thought it was about time to release our Bullocks “un-yoked” in case you want them to roam wild across the Australian Outback. And we have also made a separate Water Buffalo head to enable you to have herds of wild Cattle in your games in south-east Asia and the Sub-continent.

This terrific butchers set which is usable from the end of the 17th century to the middle of the 19th comes with a cast metal tree for you to hang the carcass on. The one pictured was part of a real tree provided by Kosta Heristanidis who did a wonderful job painting it.

Four legs good, two legs bad!

28mm Animals
100ANM15 Outback Bullock
100ANM27 Water Buffalo
100ANM28 Belted Galloway Bull
100ANM29 Belted Galloway Cow
100ANM30 Belted Galloway
100ANM31 Belted Galloway Herd – 4 piece set
100ANM32 Gloucester Old Spot Boar
100ANM33 Gloucester Old Spot Sow
100ANM34 Gloucester Old Spot Piglet
100ANM35 Gloucester Old Spot Sow Farrowing
100ANM36 Gloucester Old Spot family – six piece set
100ANM37 Poultry – 5 piece set

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28mm Civilians
100WFR910 Field Butchery – four figures, dog, carcass and tree
100WFR911 Barber and dogs – 3 piece set
100WFR912 Ladies collecting eggs – five piece set

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We also have a couple of new releases for our 28mm English Civil War range too for some added character.

28mm English Civil War
100ECW02a Montrose Irish Pikemen at rest
100ECW25 Cavalier Triumphant vignette

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